As part of the 'Around The Clock' project Clare Summerson ran a series of tile decorating sessions.

The tiles are made from terracotta clay and emulate the St. Day Bricks that were once produced in the town.

Each tile expresses a personal response to St. Day and included in the decoration were personal objects, drawings, stamps and other imprinting and scribing techniques, and some were painted with white slip. 

What a fabulous variety of tiles we have!


The finished tiles were placed on the walls of the inside of the Clocktower as a record of the people living and working in St Day at the time of the restoration. The Clocktower will be open during future celebrations and the tiles will be on view.


During these workshops we created over 420 tiles, the last session saw the creation of 101!


We would like to say a big thank you to Falmouth University - in particular Jon Humphris, Kate Beesley and former resident Liz for firing all of these tiles and for helping with the glazing. Thank you to everyone who took part!